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XPRE052 Acne Treatment Device - Red & Blue Light Therapy for Acne

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Are you annoyed with the acne on your face? Have you ever tried a lot of acne treating products or methods and receive little results? DON'T WORRY!
The XPRE052 Advanced light therapy tech was adopted to effectively eliminate acne bacillus and rejuvenate skin. Enjoy smooth life without acne! 
  • 36 nano light beads: 24 blue light beads + 12 red light beads
  • 70° light therapy head: larger therapy area and stronger light energy
  • Automatic contact sensor: reduce the irritation to eyes, safe to use
  • Built-in Li-battery: no need to plug in when used, more freedom
  • Wireless charging base: put it on the base to start charging immediately
  • Potable design: compact and elegant, use anywhere anytime

How to Use-

1. Clean and dry your face.
2. Turn the device on.
3. Wear equipped goggles.
4. Apply the therapy head to the acne area.
5. Blue and red beads work simultaneously.
6. Keep the device still for 5 minutes. 
7. Remove the therapy head after 3 beeps. 
8. Repeat previous steps to treat another area.
9. After use, apply a mask for the best result.


1. Do not use the device on severe acne skin before consulting the dermatologist.
2. Do not use the device if you are particularly sensitive to light.
3. Never look directly at the light as this could lead to eye injury. When using the device, please wear the equipped goggles.

Package Includes-

  • XPRE052 Acne Treatment Device
  • USB Line
  • Charging Base
  • User Manual
  • Pair of Goggles

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    Customer Reviews

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    I really love the product. This is my second time purchasing this Brand and it's always coming fast with perfect condition. The product incl. with the protected glasses, Thanks and highly recommended !!!


    This worked wonders for my hormonal acne. I used it at least 5 times a week for 2 months and experienced a dramatic reduction in breakouts. Additionally, any breakouts that did appear would disappear within a day or two. After two months of using 5+ times a week, I went down to 3 times a week for a month, then once a week for a month, now I use it once maybe every other week for maintenance. My skin is pretty much perfectly clear now. And it's tone and evenness is much better. Also BONUS!!! It helps fade bruises faster. I use it when I get a bad bruise (I bruise easily) and it breaks up the bruise in a few days (using for 10-15 min on the bruise each day). Typically it takes two weeks for bad bruises to mostly heal on me. So using this on bruises has been significant for me