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Face Lift Mask V Line Chin

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Perfect Jawline

The Prompt Face Lift Mask lifts and tightens sagging skin and gives a vigorous and glowing look by reducing your double or second chin. This is a non-surgical product that can instantly give you a mini-facelift, and smooth out your wrinkles and fine lines. As we grow with our age, our face contour loses shape and definition, our streamlined-shape lifting kinda tape tightly wraps and pulls the face for a slimmer, smoother, and firmer-looking facial line.

It can help to moisten and maintain the moisture of your skin, repair and stimulate cell regeneration, help to improve rough and dry skin problems.

It stretches the skin up to make it firmer and perfectly sculpted, suitable for those who want to reduce facial fat and remove nasolabial wrinkles.

It works, no surgery, no rumpled creams, no painful injections.
Unlike other skincare products this gonna make you look years younger with a natural glow.



What is Facial Lift Mask?

Facial Lifting Mask will let you enjoy the v-face experience from the cheek to the chin. It repairs facial contours and tightens double chin. It will help you to eliminate the excess nutrients and waste impurities, repair the skin, restore the skin's water retention capacity, facial wrinkles are smoothed, the skin condition improves significantly.

Firming skin for easy shaping:

The use of the mask is aimed at effective strengthening and tightening of the chin line, to avoid the aging process and the appearance of a second chin. The composition is based on natural ingredients and vitamins, which give a tangible result. After just one time use, you will feel the difference and even more important your squall sees it too! The high-enriched hydrogel contains various active ingredients, making skin elastic and moisturizing as well as caring for wrinkles near the jawline.





  •  Eliminates sagging
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Provides with face-lifting
  • Double chin reducer
  • Lifts v shape face
  • Forms v chin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Promotes chin tightening



  • Rich extracts - prevent the conversion of facial fibers into adipose tissue and prevent fat accumulation.
  • Anti-allergic - no irritating substances such as paper, ginger, no side effects of skin problems and skin burns
  • Moisturizing, whitening, repairing - Helps moisturize and maintain skin moisture, repairs and stimulates cell regeneration, helping to improve rough and dry skin problems.
  • Easy to use- It can be used at any place without any problem.
  • Harmless to Skin- It contains rich ingredients that are harmless to skin.




  • After washing and toning, place the V-Line Stretching Patch onto the chin area.
  • Hang both side holes on both of the ears.
  • Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes for it to fully take effect.
  • After removing, massage the remaining essence onto the V-Line area in an upward motion.
  • It contains rich essential ingredients that are harmless to your skin, people with sensitive skin also can be used.


Mask Material


  • The product uses a high-quality cosmetic hydrogel-coated sheet since it can contain over 90% water and is an excellent facilitator for distributing nutrients to the skin.
  • Chin lift mask is made from a flexible material and covered with active ingredients for slimming v chin and neckline.
  • This powerful neck & chin mask by tightening skin gradually to shape and lift your face line improves the appearance of necklines and lower face. It will bring you a smoother new look.


Package Includes:

  •  1/2/4 x Mask


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