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Natural Jojoba Base Oil fore Skin Care 100ml

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For centuries, People in Mexico, California, and Amazon used jojoba oil to relieve the various type of skin problems. They regarded it as liquid gold.
Jojoba plant can live for 200 years in the 60 degree Celsius desert. It has a strong ability to store water. 

Jojoba carrier oil

  • Molecular arrangement of jojoba oil is similar to human sebum. It is easily absorbed.
  • All-match and pro-skin can blend with all kinds of pure essential oils. For all skin types.
  • As the face-care oil, body-care oil, and hair-care oil. In addition to its dilution purpose, can also enhance the skin absorption of essential oils, is a good carrier oil.

    Excellent effects of jojoba carrier oil

    Keep skin hydrated 
    Quickly add water to the skin. It has a good moisturizing effect.
    Fade skin texture 
    Increase skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles and fade them.
    Smooth pores 
    Adjust skin sebum secretion and clean pores to prevent clogged skin. 


    How to Apply-

    After cleansing face, apply the proper amount of jojoba carrier oil to face and body.
    Gently massage until absorbed.

    Control oil and anti-acnes
    • 10ml jojoba carrier oil + 2 drops tea-tree essential oil + 3 drops lavender essential oil
    Whiten skin and fade spots
    • 10ml jojoba carrier oil + 2 drops rose essential oil + 2 drops sweet-orange essential oil + 1 drop geranium essential oil
    Moisturize skin
    • 10ml jojoba carrier oil + 1 drop sandalwood essential oil + 2 drops chamomile essential oil + 1 drop lavender essential oil
    Fade skin texture
    • 20ml jojoba carrier oil + 4 drops lavender essential oil + 4 drops neroli essential oil + 2 drops frankincense essential oil


      • Jojoba Pure Essential Oil
      • Certification: GZZZ
      • 100% natural plant extracts
      • Moisturize, Fade wrinkles
      • Suitable for All type of Skins
      • Usage: Spa, Massage, Aromatherapy
      • NET WT: 100 ml

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