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Painless Mole and Freckle Removal Pen

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This Skin Tag removal pen produces high-voltage micro-current, when contact skin, will produce a current spark, cause the skin carbonization, to remove the freckles & moles.

Featured with the 100% Painless ionized carbonization technology, this pen might be the problem solver for you! This Mole and Freckle Removal Pen can remove moles, warts, spots, freckles, tattoos, fleshy nevus other unwanted blemishes without hurting the normal skin and without bleeding.


    •  9 Power Levels  - It has 9 type of intensity for different smart treatment. The lower level is used on spot and freckle and the strong level is used on the mole or big things.

    • Built-in 2000 mAh Li-battery power that can run for a long time period. After charging this mole & wart removal pen fully it can be used continuously for more than five hours.
    • Leaving the patient no existence of an electric current, no pain, no bleeding during this all process.
    • Quickly removes away moles, skin tags, freckles, age spots, small tattoo, etc, without damaging clean areas. Make your face and body soft, smooth,  and free of any blemishes or pigmentation.
    • The SC498 Skin Tag & Wart Removal Pen comes with 10 fine needles & 3x Coarse Needles for more convenient use.

Installation Steps-

  • Install the fine needle with the needle guard inserted into the head of the pen, clockwise rotation tightly.
  • Install the coarse needle directly into the head of the pen, clockwise rotation tightly.
  • Take the needle off in the anticlockwise rotation when no need to use.

    Used for-

    • Remove Moles;
    • Remove Wart(verruca);
    • Remove Freckle, spot
    • Remove Fleshy nevus
    • Remove Tattoo (Only for small tattoos)

        How To Use-

        • Long press ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds to power on.
        • Determine speed level: it is recommended using the speed lower than level 3 to remove the shallow freckle with a small area, and using the speed above level 3 to remove the bad freckles in the large area.
        • Keep pressing the OUT button to start working, then the LCD screen will display the working status in the button of the screen.


          • It is suggested to first read the user manual properly and use this mole removal pen after you are fully familiar with this device's performance and operation.
          • Keep away this device from children and other family members who do not know how to operate this device.
          • Please do not over clean the treatment area at least for 20-30 days after using this device and do not scrub treated area (simple cleaning is OK)
          • The recovery period is about 30-50 Days, during this time period it is suggested that do not eat these-
            • Ginger- It can affect the smoothness of your skin.
            • Beef - It can produce a light red skin
            • Soy-It can produce light black skin
          • It's strictly prohibited to water wash or clean this Freckle Removal Machine directly, like liquid, to avoid entering the device internal causing damage or danger happens.

           This Skin Tag & Mole Removal Pen is definitely a hassle-free way to make your skin spot free, clean, and correct!


          • Model Number: SC498
          • 9 Power Levels Plasma Pen
          • Rechargeable: Yes
          • Dual spotlight: No shadow, operating accurately
          • Micro-Current Technology
          • Electric Ion Technology

          Package Includes-

          • 1x Mole & Wart Removal Pen
          • 3x Coarse Needles
          • 10x Fine Needles
          • 1x needle cover
          • 1x Manual
          • 1x Charging Cable



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