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100% Natural Almond Oil for Skin and Hair - 100ml

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.The sweet-almond carrier oil is the mild and best oil for skin and hair care. It can relieve dry skin and can be easily absorbed.

Principle of skin-care 
Sweet-almond carrier oil contains a lot of necessary microelement, which can be can be absorbed by the skin easily and make skin smooth.
Extraction method-
  • Low-temperature cold compression
We use the traditional method to produce essential oil. History can date back to 5 thousand years. In the low-temperature environment, people use intensive pressure to squeeze the essences out of sweet almond oil to assure that plant essences will not be damaged.
In Ancient Rome time, sweet-almond was widely used for producing massaging oil, which was mild and pro-skin. Sweet almond oil mainly contains unsaturated fatty acid. Grease, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid sum up to more than 94%. The proportion exceeds olive oil.
How to Use Sweet-almond carrier oil 
After cleaning face, apply the proper amount of sweet-almond carrier oil to face or body, and massage until absorbed.
Massage face   
· Whiten and moisturize the skin
10ml sweet-almond carrier oil + 1 drop lemon essential oil + 1 drop neroli essential oil 
· Increase skin elasticity to prevent aging 
10ml sweet-almond carrier oil + 3 drops sandalwood essential oil 
· Relieve acnes 
10ml sweet-almond carrier oil + 2 drops tea-tree essential oil + 3 drops lavender essential oil
Massage body 
· Relieve and relax the body 
10ml sweet-almond carrier oil + 2 drops chamomile essential oil 
· Relieve flabby skin 
10ml sweet-almond carrier oil + 3 drops geranium essential oil 
· Relieve coarse skin 
10ml sweet-almond carrier oil + 4 drops geranium essential oil + 2 drops ginger essential oil + 2 drops basil essential oil
Maintain hair   
· Relieve hair-loss and sparse hair
5ml sweet-almond carrier oil + 1 drop rosemary essential oil


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